We are excited to announce that we’ve changed our name from Restoration Landscaping Company to Miridae! We are the same team with the same values and skills, and we are thrilled to share our new future-focused identity!

What does Miridae mean?

Miridae (mīrəˌdē) is the latin name for a family of insects known as the ‘plant bugs,’ or mirids. These bugs are a diverse and fascinating group of insects that have coevolved with their native hostplants for millions of years, many of which we design into our projects. Billy, the founder and owner of Miridae, has studied these insects for many years and continues to research them and look for them in landscapes in and around the Sacramento region.

Miridae’s Mission

We create habitat for, and engage people with, native plants and the wildlife they support. We do this by tying together design, science, and high-quality construction to create landscapes that are beautiful, resilient, and ecologically powerful.


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