RLC speaking, competing in garden show at San Fran Flower and Garden Show

We will be participating in the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show this March. The show is one of the world's biggest garden shows, and if you haven't bought tickets yet, they're selling out fast!

The company is building a garden to compete in the Garden Creators Competition. Our garden's theme focuses on the interactive elements of wildlife habitat in gardens. We will have a dragonfly pond, a bioswale, natural pest control by native insects integrated with vegetable plantings, and a multitude of ecological context to align with the physical elements of the garden. The key, unique challenge to this show is that the garden is all indoors. Yes, indoors! And, it's supposed to look like a mature garden in March. Our strategy is growing a variety of annual wildflowers in a greenhouse and forcing them to flower early by manipulating the day length of their growing conditions. Fingers crossed, we should have a colorful meadow for the show...

Additionally, founder Billy Krimmel will be giving a seminar on the importance of cities and suburbs for habitat restoration and conservation. Cities and suburbs are only increasing in size and already comprise more than half of our land use in the lower 48. Turning your yard into habitat for wildlife is addressing the next critical frontier for species conservation.