Native Plants Gardens: now in Solano Prison

For the last year I’ve been volunteering with Insight Garden Program in Solano Prison in Vacaville to educate the inmates about native plans and insects and to work with them to design and plant a native garden in the prison yard.  

This weekend was the install-- you can read about it and see some pictures in The Reporter (front page!) today.

My favorite thing about volunteering in the prison was meeting insect and plant enthusiasts from all walks of life.  When the classes were held inside, the prisoners used a fern as a centerpiece for group discussions.  One inmate, Lin, noticed that the fern had been infested by mealybugs and wondered how we might control them.  Later, when we were outside in the garden, we spotted plant bugs, a mealybug predator. Let's just the fern wasn't infested for long.